Thou Shall Teach, not Present

A Teacher is a Teacher and not a Presenter. Often, the unintended role mix-up between the two is a cause for confusion that leaves the Teacher and the Students in disarray. What is the risk when the Teacher presumes his/her role to be a Presenter?

Students stand to lose! They end up being burdened with information rather than knowledge and understanding. Is that not the primary goal of presentation? Students leave the class not knowing how to apply the content. Why so? Typically, a presenter adopts one-way mode of communication, often aided by a PowerPoint loaded with a wealth of information. There is little or no scope for interaction or discussion during the class if the role is seen as Presenter. The ‘Curse of Knowledge‘ is an added villain enlarging the gulf between the Presenter and the Students.

Whereas, if one intentionally chooses to teach and refrain from the role of presenter there is higher likelihood of learning taking roots. It is only when teachers teach that students learn. Unfortunately, it shall not happen through presentation. THOU SHALL NOT PRESENT…